The Dodger- Novica Studio
Genre Strategy ->
Today's Rank 7628
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date N/A
Publisher N/A

➤Dodge past UFOs, Asteroids, and Bullets!

➤Collect Coins and Gems!

➤Use Coins to purchase upgrades to further enhance gameplay!

►Endless Mode
-■Endless Increasing Difficulty!
-■Get your highscore and a stack of coins!
-■Shoot asteroids and collect the precious minerals inside!
-■Get better ranks for the better you play!
►Challenge Mode
-■Twenty-four fun and unique levels!
-■Keys to unlock the way to the finish line!
-■Landmines and UFOs to avoid!
-■Super fun and difficult alien power-core boss fight!
-■Customize your ship's look and shield!
-■Increase starting lives or ammo in endless mode!
-■Unlock faster firing speed or double coins!

The Dodger- Novica Studio is a fun and fast paced tilt-to-move game that features funny ships and gorgeous 8-Bit Graphics. Game-modes feature Endless Mode, and mode that goes on for unlimited time, but increasingly gets harder. Learn to survive the tenth difficulty, and you will be a Dodging God! It also features an action packed, level based, Challenge Mode, where you go through levels, dodging asteroids, landmines, UFOs, and more! It even features an amazing boss fight at the end.
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