Twilight Hop
Genre Misc -> Casual
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Date 2012-09-12
Date 2012-09-12
Twilight Hop takes gamers on an adventure through the night sky as they dodge dangerous obstacles and steer towards precious power ups. All of the fun packed into Twilight Hop is now available for absolutely no cost - completely free.

Unlike most games on the iPhone, Twilight Hop really goes to the root of arcade games. Twilight Hop creates a simple, immersive, and unsophisticated environment to engage users. The coders of Twilight Hop worked hard to make sure gamers understood the game fundamentals and controls. The worst thing any game designer could do is create a game where users are left befuddled at the controls, mechanics, and goals. This has recently been a mistake made frequently in game design by numerous companies. But Twilight Hop keeps consistent with its controls, objectives, and gameplay.
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