Wave Rave
Genre Misc -> Casual
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Date 2012-05-01
Publisher Smappsoft
Date 2012-05-01
Publisher Smappsoft
Wave Rave is a unique puzzle game inspired by the work of mathematician/physicist Joseph Fourier. With a nod towards old-school arcade favorites, Wave Rave presents players with a series of increasingly complex waveform puzzles. To solve each puzzle, players must match target waveforms by reconstructing them from their component waves before time runs out. Featuring a wide variety of increasingly challenging puzzles and 4 difficulty levels, Wave Rave provides a fun and exciting visual and mental challenge. Wave Rave is fast-paced and frantic; players must think fast, keep an eye on the clock, and strategically use power-ups to keep them in the game.

* Old* school arcade style graphics
* 4 Starting Difficulty levels from Easy to Insane
* In Game Tutorial
* Fast and Frantic gameplay
* Pulsating electronic soundtrack and sci-fi sound fx
* Over 550 unique puzzles, randomly distributed for high replayability
* Bonus information about the Fourier Series
* Game Center leaderboards
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