Below Kryll
Genre Action -> Platform
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Below Kryll Trailer (HD)
22.47MB - 21 downloads - 24 March, 2014

Be an explorer on a quest of discovery in a constantly growing metroidvania realm. The adventures of the world are created entirely by other players! Influenced by great games such as Metroid for it's progression and map systems and Portal for it's easy to use adventure building tools - this tight platformer can will let you experience a whole world created by the community, while potentially adding more to the world with your own creations. Gain XP and new abilities as you advance through increasingly challenging adventures. Win intense fights, navigate puzzles, and perform feats of agility. Earn gold, and expand the world with stories and adventuresof your own creation! As players rank your adventures, you gain Fame and Trophies to unlock Epic Items. Exploring an immense players generated world can be overwhelming. Chat and scribble with other players, and try to figure it out together. Participate in guestbook discussions of adventures, and see what players say about your own creations. One ever growing world, already consisting of hundreds of adventures, created entirely by players Explore and unlock skills as you level up Expand the world with your own creations Unlock new tools and Epic Items™ Be part of an active community Work together with others to solve riddles and overcome dangers Participate in races against other players Enjoy musical creations and pixel art Discover carefully hidden secrets

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