Call of Duty 2
Genre Action -> FPS
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Date 2006-05-22
Publisher Aspyr
Date 2006-06-01
Publisher Aspyr
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Retail Box ArtCall Of Duty 2 redefines the cinematic intensity and chaos of battle, as seen through the eyes of the ordinary soldiers who fought there together. The epic WWII conflict is a sequel to Call Of Duty and offers more immense, more intense and more realistic battles than ever before. All-new enhancements deliver stunning realism and gameplay, groundbreaking AI and choice-based gameplay innovations. Choice-based gameplay lets you play through missions your way - individualize your tactics and play missions in the order you see fit Multiplayer mayhem - Go online for intense Axis vs. Allies team-based multiplayer action

- Medium difficulty, WWII first-person shooter for Mac with well-designed scenarios and an intuitive feel
- Wily and aggressive AI creates both challenging enemies and well-balanced supporting soldiers
- Fight alongside the Russians, British, and Americans against the Germans in three interwoven campaigns
- Standard deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture-the-flag, and search-and-destroy, and new "headquarters" multiplayer modes
- Game auto-detects widescreen ratios and includes many performance-tweaking functions
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