Commander: Napoleon At War
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
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Date N/A
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This installment of the Commander series places the player at the brink of war in the Napoleonic era. Re-write history with the same outstanding gameplay mechanics as Commander: Europe at War, but in a new dynamic setting, complete with amazing graphics and compelling campaigns.

In addition to the same seamless performance youíve come to expect from this high level turn-based series, new features include a deeper combat system, compelling victory conditions, looting, razing, vassal states, and much more! Will you lead Napoleonís France to an empire of infamy, or emerge as the victor to quell his ambition?

-8 campaigns including the Grand campaign, and smaller campaigns, from Franceís assault on Austria in 1805 up to the 100 days campaign ending at Waterloo in 1815
-Take control of Napoleonís forces or the Allied Coalition who opposed him, including Britain, Prussia, Austria and Russia
-Huge map covering all of Europe in amazing detail
-Research many new technologies and control the focus of your nationís research
-Dynamic weather system including mud, snow, storms and more!
-Trade routes and pirate raids, fortresses and siege warfare
-12 different unit types including: Militia, Line Infantry, Light & Heavy Cavalry, Foot & Horse Artillery, Frigates, Ships of the Line and Pirates and Privateers
-Recruit historic commanders such as Ney, Blucher, Wellington & many more
-Multiplayer via LAN, hot seat, PBEM and Internet accessibility with a selection of smaller scenarios specifically designed for multiplayer
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