Deus Ex
Genre Action -> Action
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Date 2000-07-27
Publisher Aspyr
Date N/A
Publisher Aspyr
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtDevelopers Ion Storm owed us something pretty special to counter the utter disappointment of Daikatana but futuristic shoot, spy and stalk-'em-up Deus Ex was almost more than we could have asked for. Almost. Deus Ex is set in a nearby future where a deadly virus ravages the world's populace, terrorists are bent on exposing corrupt governments and conspiratorial elites are ready to wade in and wreak havoc. You play a techno-enhanced agent tasked with getting to the bottom of it all without cashing in your chips. Immediately noticeable is the attention to detail; there's no end of objects and characters to interact with--too much, were it not for the consequences that arise from almost every interaction. Such random actions as killing a guard or "accidentally" walking into the ladies' toilets can significantly affect mission outcomes. The best game will result from stealthy inch-by-inch exploration and trust us, you'll be glad you did. Considering that Deus Ex has gameplay in bucketloads, it could look like Commander Keen and get away with it. Thankfully though, the Unreal engine does a more than passable job of rendering some beautiful locations and although models may look a little blocky compared to games using more sophisticated engines, the minor flaws melt away as the game gets going. By no means a perfect title, Deus Ex, as its name implies, has come from nowhere and lifted the FPS role-playing adventure out of its hybrid quagmire of genres. With a richly detailed story and great visuals, it boasts a seamless, technically accomplished and truly engrossing game world for those wanting to flex so much more than just their trigger fingers.--Tae Mawson
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