Dungeon Siege
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date 2003-04-25
Publisher N/A
Date 2003-05-09
Publisher N/A
Dungeon Siege Dungeon Siege United Kingdom Retail Box ArtDungeon Siege challenges you to transform from a simple farmer into a destroyer of evil! Support for 8-person multiplayer through a LAN or Internet connection Create your own characters, spells, dungeons and more with the amazing Siege Editor

- In this thrilling combination of in-depth role-playing and non-stop action, you'll plunge into a 3D world where you face an army of evil
- As you travel to see the world, your character will learn new skills and start on the path of the warrior
- Travel with a fully-customizable party with up to 8 characters -- it's up to you to lead them into battle against monsters and marauders
- Simple but engaging gameplay that lets you choose your own path - Fight for the sake of action, or just collect treasure until you're wealthy
- Gigantic, continuous 3D world immerses you into fantastic gameplay, through enormous castles and secret underground lairs
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Dungeon Siege North America Retail Box Art

Dungeon Siege United Kingdom Retail Box Art