FOG: The Story of Jacques Matthews
Genre Action -> Adventure
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FOG: The Story of Jacques Matthews Announcement Trailer (HD)
10.65MB - 64 downloads - 13 January, 2014

Lost and disorientated after a storm, fisherman Jacques Matthews finds himself washed up on an island with nothing but a thick fog to keep him company. Shortly after arriving he comes across a mysterious girl who claims she can help him on his journey. With unknown dangers lurking in the fog and a constantly shifting island Jacques is forced to trust the girl as he fights to keep his sanity and use light to guide himself through the island, unlock its secrets, find his fellow crewmen and discover what lies beyond. FOG: The Story of Jacques Matthews is a psychological adventure game that blends deep exploration, emotional storytelling and enthralling puzzles to create a seamless and immersive experience that changes with every playthrough for every player. Unearth clues and secrets of the island by searching every nook and cranny, witness the ups and downs of Jacques Matthews and progress through the island by using your reactions, speed and brains to solve every mystery laid out before you. Then, thanks to the FOG system, you can replay the whole game again knowing that your experience and opinion of every location and character will be completely different to your previous playthroughs. Key Features: FOG. FOG Always Changes: With the FOG system every play through is a unique experience, with randomly generated game structure, level placement, visuals, audio, story related events and no loading screens between levels. Follow the Light: FOG's unique art style and use of lighting creates an eerie but gorgeous world that jumps off the screen whilst also aiding the player through the game. Immersive Puzzles: Delve deep into the belly of the island through immersive and engaging puzzles that test your reactions, speed, brains and mentality. Story Time: Witness a deep psychological story filled with atmospheric locations, intricate characters and mysterious unknowns, all with their own secrets, events and plots waiting to be uncovered. By the Gamers, for the Gamers: Developed alongside the GCPP (Gaming Community Portfolio Project), a project aiming to help fellow gamers build a portfolio and achieve their dreams of a job in the games industry.

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