Fortix 2
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date N/A
Fortix 2 - turret defense, reversed!

Ever played a tower defense game and wondered what it would be like in reverse?
Hungarian-based developers Nemesys Games have, and that's exactly why Fortix 2 is quickly garnering international recognition as a “one to watch” release, taking inspiration from classic arcade game Qix to turn the tower defense genre on its head in a new, completely innovative way.

Players take control of Sir Fortix, whose aim is to conquer castles in order to liberate the land of Artalom from the curse of evil mage, Xitrof. Each castle is placed on it's own unique map, the overall aim being to reach the castle in the middle and lift its curse.

Fencing off the surrounding areas of land allows Sir Fortix to move around freely, changing the game world in the process; wastelands become lush landscapes and bloodthirsty dragons become seed-picking pigeons.
Meanwhile, freeing cursed catapults and power-up spells rewards players with special abilities and attacks, adding a wicked risk/reward facet to Fortix 2's casual gameplay structure.
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