Path of Magic
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date 2007-09-21
Publisher Anawiki Games
Date 2007-09-21
Publisher Anawiki Games
Evelyne has beaten Morganna la Fay and now it's time to find way home. To find a way on the Path of Magic.

A stunning puzzle-driven game with addictive game play. As, Evelyn the Protector of Avalon, you must make your way through Avalon with over 51 challenging levels, 6 image puzzles, and 2 bonus games. Match magical runes to strengthen your abilities to clear Avalon of evil and find your way home before its too late!

51 great levels
6 spells (bonuses)
6 new enchanting images to reveal
Three game modes: Quest, Endless and Time Attack
JigSaw mini-game
Mystic music & sound effects
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