Sim City 4
Genre Simulation -> Tycoon
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Date 2003-06-20
Publisher Aspyr
Date 2003-01-17
Publisher Electronic Arts
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtThe latest sequel to one of the early pioneers of the god-sim genre, Sim City 4 is a polished, challenging evolution of the concept, which doesn't break much new ground. However, it certainly broadens out its challenge, making previously fiddly tasks a lot easier in the process. As ever, the task is one of balance. You're Mayor of a city, and you need to strike the right mix of commercial, industrial and residential areas, while keeping an eye on finances, the transport system, fire, education, landscape--the list goes on. To its credit, the game is as straightforward or hard as you want it to be, and it's surprisingly easy to get into. While you don't directly control individual buildings and people, the decisions you make have repercussions throughout, and need to be taken with care. After all, agreeing to build a landfill site may bring in some much needed revenue, but it's unlikely to go down well with the locals. As with its predecessors though, it's in the small details that Sim City 4 really scores. From residents going on the rampage through to full-scale disasters taking hold of your city, the complex game barely gives you a moment to rest. You can zoom in to get very close detail of what people are up to. And in a nice touch, any families created in The Sims can be moved into town. These characters are a real bonus when assessing the needs of your burgeoning city, as they tell you what they like, dislike and will positively not put up with in your metropolis. The lack of clear goals still haunts the franchise though, and despite the well-thought-through user interface, the casual gamer may still struggle to get to grips with the challenge. However, there are months of gameplay to enjoy if this kind of title is your bag, and Sim City 4 is another excellent addition to an already top-notch franchise. --Simon Brew

- Create and control the most life-like metropolis you can imagine
- Take your Sims from "The Sims" into your SimCity
- Dispatch police cruisers to fight crime, send out the Mayor's limo to quell a rioting mob, or cap an erupting volcano threatening your citizens
- Form mountains, carve valleys, plant forests, raise oceans, and more
- From mellow traffic flow to commuter hell, noontime crowds to nighttime calm, partygoers to troublemakers, the movement in your city is ever-changing and unpredictable
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