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>> It's an Epidemic

At GamersHell, we assure you as the advertiser that you are exposing your product to a large, dedicated online gaming magazine with the most prospective customers. GamersHell is the most frequently updated online gaming site, and we offer new reviews, previews, and exclusive content everyday. That is why GamersHell is successful; because gamers flock to our web site because they know they can stop at one source for their fix of gaming content.

GamersHell has grown immensely over the past year, and we haven't stopped. With developer/publisher contacts and a broad source of information and content, more and more gamers visit our web site everyday for the latest in game content. Currently, GamersHell outperforms many other online gaming magazines.*1

>> Site Statistics
Monthly Visitors: 3,000,000
Monthly PageViews: 20,000,000
Average PageViews per User: 5
>> Alexa Statistics
Alexa.com Traffic Ranking (as of February, 2007): 3,558
Sites Linking to Gamershell.com: 3,676
Reach per Million Users
: 370.5
>> Google Statistics
Number of Indexed Pages on Google: 208,000
Average Google Page Rank for Files: 1
Average Google Page Rank for Media, Trailers, Screenshots, etc.
: 2
Average Google Page Rank for Reviews
: 4
Average Google Page Rank for News: 5
>> Graphs & Trends
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*1. Based on Alexa.com traffic ranking, trends, growth rates, and highest peaks.

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