6 Shooter: Most Wanted
Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
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6 Shooter: Most Wanted, developed by SpiderMonk Entertainment, features fierce gun battles as you face off against outlaws. In addition, the game also features multiple challenging games like hang-man, solitaire, and shoot-the-can. 6 Shooter: Most Wanted features simple shooting controls, designed specifically for one thumb gaming that keeps the action coming at breakneck speed. The story mode allows mobile gamers to play their role as a lone gunfighter as he shoots his way through a gripping plot, revealing corrupt judges, ruthless outlaws, and other nefarious criminals. In contrast to previous titles of the award winning 6 Shooter series of card games, Most Wanted is all about the action, so mobile outlaws should get their thumbs ready for some serious shootouts.
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6 Shooter: Most Wanted Trailer
8.97MB - 214 downloads - 13 June, 2007

0:50 of gameplay footage

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