Age of Empires III Mobile
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date N/A
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Age of Empires III Mobile lets users experience the epic age of discovery by exploring the New World as they build and conquer rival colonies in pursuit of the ultimate empire. The mobile version includes a variety of historical battles in skirmish mode and the task of defending Malta from the Ottoman Empire in an extended campaign mode which serves as a prequel to the Age of Empires III PC game.

- Historically Immersive Setting Play as the Knights of St. John to protect Western Europe from the Ottoman Empire
- Real-Time Strategy Use battle strategy and resource management to conquer rival colonies and build the ultimate empire
- Home City Similar to the PC game, use experience points gained in battle to obtain support cards from the home city for extra resources and units
- Depth of Gameplay Hours of fun as you play through 15 campaign levels, with 11 different units and eight building types across three different ages
- Intuitive Controls Innovative pause and command system provides extra infantry control
- Two Gameplay Modes Skirmish and Campaign modes
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