ALERT! Safety Boom!
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
Today's Rank 20544
Date 2009-08-07
Publisher Wooji Juice
Date 2009-08-07
Publisher Wooji Juice
ALERT! Safety Boom! transports the player into the high pressure, high tension lives of D.E.E.P.P. 6 an elite international Bomb Disposal Squad. In a world where people have to check their shoes for bombers each morning, you'll use a unique multi-touch interface and a full toolbox of tricks to take out increasingly complicated devices, while the story unfolds through richly-drawn comic-book cutscenes.

*** Start Your Career With A Bang! ***

You take on the role of Sam Seafore, a rookie bomb-disposal agent, seconded into the recently formed Division 6 of the Directorate for Explosives Eradication and Public Protection. Facing ever more dangerous devices and increasingly mad bombers, you must use your wits and a steady hand to keep yourself and most importantly the public safe.

*** Having A Blast! ***

There's an arms race on and with each new mission you face increasingly explosive challenges. Against these tamper-proofed devices you must wield the contents of your Bomb Squad Toolbox, from the basic anti-static glove and multi-meter, through to state of the art D.E.E.P.P. 6 custom gadgetry such as Liquid Nitrogen Spray and The F.E.G.G. Choose the right tool for the job, analyse the device, and make it safe all under pressure from the ever-ticking Countdown Timer Of Doom!

*** Duck And Cover! ***

With your toolkit literally at your fingertips you must delve through the multi-layered bombs to reach the device core and neutralise it, peeling away the layers like onion skins. Slash a finger across a wire to snip it, grip and unscrew bolts, pull levers, undo latches, disable tilt switches and more, all simply by using the appropriate gestures.
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