Bridge Bloxx
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date 2008-06-17
Publisher N/A
Date 2008-06-17
Publisher N/A
Bridge Bloxx United Kingdom Retail Box ArtGrab your toolbox and build the craziest bridges the world has ever seen! Donít let your constructions collapse and blast away everything thatís in your way!

Strain your brain and build bridges! Experiment with different parts and construct the most whacked out bridges out of wood, steel or stone! No matter how simple or crazy you build, your structure should be stable and sustain the weight of arriving trains! Show your boss that you are more professional than your predecessors and repair existing bridges using wires, girders or dynamite! Shake the earth with huge detonations and pray that no train will fall down from your constructions! Live out your creativity as a hobby architect in the most fast-paced bridge building game of the world!

- Action-packed puzzle game with bridge parts and dynamite
- Freedom of design due to many possible solutions
- Logical constructions with physical computation
- Plenty of parts made of different materials
- Controlled demolition for effective destruction of unstable elements
- 30 levels to puzzle over
- Take on repair jobs or build from scratch!
- Unlockable sandbox mode - experiment with your own constructions
- Cool graphics with lots of effects
- Extensive tutorial for hobby architects
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Bridge Bloxx United Kingdom Retail Box Art