Call of Duty
Genre Action -> FPS
Today's Rank 0
Date 2003-10-29
Publisher Activision
Date 2003-11-07
Publisher Activision
Call of Duty thrusts players to the front lines of combat, as ordinary soldiers fight together as part of a squad through the epic moments of WWII.

Call of Duty on the N-Gage platform throws gamers into instant head-to-head combat via multiplayer gaming over Bluetooth wireless technology and allows them to experience the intensity of WWII. Players will also be able to battle for top rankings on the N-Gage Arena exclusive leaderboards.

Cinematic Intensity Of War – Experience the gritty realism of combat as never before – as Allied soldiers battling Nazi forces through a variety of authentic combat, ranging from epic battlefield conflicts and coordinated tactical assaults to sabotage, stealth, sniper and even vehicle based missions. Huge battle moments put players in the heat of the action, capturing the chaos of war - Allied bombers fly above, as explosions shake the ground and tracer bullets streak overhead. Journey through a variety of environments, including historic battlefields, towns, bridges, forests, a POW camp and even a battleship, all realistically created from extensive WWII archival research. Take on enemies with an explosive arsenal of authentic WWII weapons, including pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles and grenades. Man entrenched guns, plant explosives, drive tanks and vehicles to complete mission objectives and move closer to taking down the Nazi War Machine.
Brothers-In-Arms – Experience the camaraderie of a squad, bond together through the chaos of battle, where each soldier will have unique duties, personalities and roles to play and their emotions and reactions to the events on the battlefield will differ. Through advanced AI, a player’s squad will act like a trained military unit, with authentic squad movements and tactics - laying down suppressing fire, providing cover fire, coordinating attacks on entrenched positions and even pulling wounded soldiers from the battlefield. Combat success will rely on a combination of skills along with the ability to work together with squad mates to accomplish mission objectives and eliminate enemies. Featuring advanced AI, enemies will make use of cover, use tactical combat maneuvers and call for reinforcements.
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