My Monster Pet
Genre Simulation -> Simulation
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Date N/A
My Monster Pet puts the player in various caretaking scenarios, such as feeding the monster the food it wants and even taking it to the hospital when it becomes sick. The user can also play 5 addicting mini-games such as Karaoke, Dancing, and a challenging Battle Maze to keep the monster entertained. One of the unique features of My Monster Pet is that the game continues even when the game or phone is turned off, requiring the user to periodically check up on the pet monster. Meanwhile, the monster goes through 3 growth phases and the user finds out at the end the final form the monster will evolve into depending on how it was raised. Each kind of evolved monster will have its own set of personality traits, and descriptions and pictures of them will appear in the game’s gallery as the player collects all 12 monsters. Players can also send eggs to other people through their mobile phones so that others have their own monster pets to raise.
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