Path of Warrior
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date N/A
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The peace didn't last forever.
After 500 years old peaceful time of Holy dynasty, the continent started to shake.
After emperor Aslan "the holy", the strongest guardian of royal 8 virtues, passed away,
the only unified kingdom in the history of the continent has been shattered.

The successor of the emperor was Duncan "the white". His wisdom was good,
but it was not wise enough to hold ambitious lords of the continent.
Lords ignored emperor Duncan and played by their rules.
Emperor Duncan couldn't hold them up and felt the kingdom is falling a part.
He disappointed that he couldn't follow emperor Tristan,
and blamed himself for his inability. He started to go astray with beauties and drinks.

He is now called "Duncan the grey". People blamed his inability and depravity.
Even Edgar, the lord of the Yellow Forrest shouted
"the Blue is dying, and the Yellow is rising" and started to march his army
to the Blue Castle, the capital of the kingdom. The sympathizers of lord
Edgar followed him and their rebel started to spread all over the continent
in no time. The historians later called this incident "The rise of the Yellow."
The lord Edgar's rebel led other lords to raise their armament.
The strong army kept their lands peacful and induces them to have
ambition to expand their land. The authority of Emperor fell down,
and that of lords got bigger and bigger.

Every lords could dream that he could be the emperor of the kingdom.
Lords of all over the kingdom raised their army and marched them
to the Blue Castle. They fought each other.
Some won and some lost. A turbulent age has come,
and this was a prelude of, the hisrtorians later called,
"The age of 3 dragons”
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