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Overall : 6.5
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  • PuyoPop © Sega 6.5/10

  • PuyoPop is a simple Tetris clone with the difference that you don’t need to complete rows but need to connect 4 or more so called “Puyos” – little slime balls of different colour with eyes – to each other, which causes them to “Pop”, and awards you points. Poor little cutesies – and they say Doom is brutal.

    One of the two single player possibilities is playing against the AI Tetris style. Popping several Puyos at once, you can drop colourless Puyos on your opponent’s screen, ruining carefully prepared combos and bringing him closer to the top of the screen and by this to his defeat. Of course he will try to do the same and the only way to destroy the colourless troublemaker is popping the coloured Puyos right next to them. While some battles take awfully long because you don’t get the right Puyos to “pop” the AI off screen, the game will catch on many old Tetris fanatics.

    Once you have enough of the competition, there is still this puzzle mode. Puyo pre-filled screens offer different challenges like “destroy all red puyos” or “destroy 10 puyos at once”. Sometimes this can be done with a single drop of a Puyo pair at the right place, while sometimes it is more complex.

    Just like Tetris you will either love the game for its replay value or hate it because it is repeating and boring. Your feelings towards Tetris games will decide whether or not you will like to Pop the poor little slime balls away.

    Online & Multiplayer features

    No online content this time, but using Bluetooth the possibility to fight mean and long PuyoPop battles with someone else. Again remember whether you've spent hours and hours throwing blocks at each other in Tetris, in order to decide whether this is worth your while or not.