Steam Iron: The Fallen
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date N/A
Publisher Mikoishi
Date N/A
Publisher Mikoishi
Steam Iron is an epic cross-platform sci-fi fantasy that plays out over multiple installments on both handheld and PC platforms. The adventure begins on 3G mobile with Steam Iron: The Fallen as the first installment in the Steam Iron franchise. Future installments are lined up for Mobile, Nintendo DS and PC platforms.

The Steam Iron fiction stems from an alternate history, projected far into future where the electronic revolution as we know it never occurred. Although the universe is recognizably futuristic, everything is grounded in the mechanical world. From inter-stellar space ships to advance communications, all technologies are decidedly retro in their derivations.

The story starts on an alternate Earth under the iron vice of the Ternion Empire which covers all known lands. The empire is a conference of the offices of the Emperor, his elusive elite guard (the Modan) and the misguided religious organization- Pax Imperium.

The story revolves around the power struggle within the Ternion as each of its factions fight for power and control
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