Super Monkey Ball Review

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Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 7.0
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  • Super Monkey Ball © Sega 7/10

  • Super Monkey Ball was a real blockbuster surprise on the GameCube. The game idea is really old, but that doesn’t make the game less addictive. Unlike above title, this game was ported very well by Sega.

    You are in control of a monkey in a transparent ball. This ball is found on a hazard course that somehow decided to float in midair. Using the directional buttons you can roll around the hazard course, but be careful not to fall off it. This would be easy, if it wasn’t for a time limit and the bananas you should collect. Collecting as many – sometimes hard to reach – bananas as possible you raise your score and amount of extra lives, but you always have to think of the timer, that once it reaches zero means game over – but a drop of the course means the same, so be careful.

    Using the points from your highscore you can unlock some of the minigames also known from the console version – sadly my beloved Monkey Bowling isn’t among them.

    Monkey Race is as the name suggests a racing game. Of course here you – or your opponent the AI – too can fall of course – making the speed and explosive items .... let’s say interesting.

    Monkey Fight is all about punching your 3 computer opponents off the field. This is a serious melee battle, using boxing gloves, that punch the target a considerable distance back.

    Monkey Target is about landing as close to a given target as possible after flying through the air. Hence the wind is playing an important role too, this is even more complex than it sounds.

    The game basics are simple but the game is highly addictive – regarding the replay value, likely the best title available for the N-Gage at the moment.

    Online & Multiplayer features

    None, although there would be many, many multiplayer possibilities in this game – again quiet disappointing and to tell the truth a lower score should have been awarded because of this.