Tangram Super Shapes
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date 2007-07-20
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Tangram–literally translated “Seven boards of cunning" is a ancient Chinese Puzzle. A Tangramconsists of 7 pieces, called Tans, which fit together to form a square. The objective is to form a specific shape with seven pieces. The shape has to contain all the pieces, which may not overlap. Tangram has been challenging millions of people for thousands of years, and continues to entertain and frustrate to this very day. Its simplicity appeals to a broad spectrum of people and makes it ideal for the mobile platform.

•Based on the ancient Chinese game of placing shapes
•Over 200 separate graphs to complete
•4 separate modes including –Arcade, Time Challenge, Random, and Creativity
•Colourful and vibrant graphical style
•Simple to understand and annoyingly addictive!
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