Genre Action -> Arcade
Today's Rank 26997
Date N/A
Publisher Artificial Life
Date N/A
Publisher Artificial Life
VERMINATOR is dedicated to all iPhone users who hold a grudge against vermin and want to get even with them at last! The game lets players wreak havoc on cockroaches in ways that they would never dare to attempt in reality. In the game, players are able to squish, drag, or split the realistic roaches apart; pin them down and smear them across the screen; or take their time and perform careful dissections right on their device taking full advantage of the iPhone’s touch screen sensitivity!

10 challenging stages of extermination tasks
Persistent and intelligent vermin that can endure prolonged torture
Extremely lifelike cockroaches to “hunt” ranging from the egg stage to adult
Track down the vermin using the touch screen and accelerometer, then drag off different body parts using the multi-touch feature
Multiple techniques to torture and torment ranging from quick death tapping to prolonged dissection methodology
Shaking of the device or blowing into the mic makes the cockroaches cower and tremble in fear
Super disgusting and highly entertaining crunching, squishing, and oozing sound effects accompany the “kill”!
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