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Date Name
21/02/04 Red Planet - Part 1 32.69MB
(N/A) Red Planet - Part 1, singleplayer mod for Unreal 2..
11/04/06 Renault Clio V6 2003 Trophy v1.0 165.03MB
(N/A) New F1 Challenge '99-'02 mod
02/08/09 Research and Development Client 54.54MB
(N/A) A puzzle-centric mod for Half-Life 2: Episode Two ..
14/08/07 Return To Castle Wolfenst...- Wild West Mod v1.6 beta 226.05MB
(N/A) Set in the later half of the 19th century around t..
02/05/04 Revolt 0.11 Patch 24.32MB
(N/A) Revolt, Call of Duty MOD v0.11 patch
22/12/04 Richard Burns Rally France Gravel Mod 87.26MB
(N/A) Richard Burns Rally France Gravel Mod
05/01/05 Richard Burns Rally RBRnet v2.0 Multiplayer Mod 2.17MB
(N/A) Richard Burns Rally RBRnet v2.0 Multiplayer Mod
07/07/04 Rifle Platoon 0.9b 3.08MB
(N/A) Rifle Platoon 0.9b
07/07/04 Rifle Platoon Map Pack 47.23MB
(N/A) Rifle Platoon Map Pack
01/12/04 Rifle Platoon v10.0 Mod for Call of Duty 94.56MB
(N/A) Rifle Platoon v10.0 Mod for Call of Duty
29/02/04 Rival Species v1.0.9-1.1.0 Patch 2.04MB
(N/A) Rival Species v1.0.9-1.1.0 patch.
29/02/04 Rival Species v1.1.0 61.59MB
(N/A) Rival Species v1.1.0 (Full) HL mod.
16/09/04 Robostorm v1.1 38.02MB
(N/A) Robostorm v1.1
28/08/03 Rocket Arena 3 v1.7 Update 29.07MB
(N/A) Rocket Arena 3 v1.7 Win32 client (Update)
11/03/04 Rocket Arena 3 v1.75 131.65MB
(N/A) Rocket Arena 3 v1.75 Win32 Client (Full)
11/03/04 Rocket Arena 3 v1.75 Update 27.8MB
(N/A) Rocket Arena 3 v1.75 Win32 Client (Update)
11/06/07 Rocket Arena 3 v1.76 131.59MB
(N/A) Topshots accuracy ranking Many new cvars and cons..
25/02/06 Rocket Arena 4 Beta 1 23.92MB
(N/A) * Classic Rocket Arena and Clan Arena gameplay * ..
06/04/06 Rocket Arena 4 Beta 2 34.69MB
(N/A) Competition mode Fixed demo playback Falling dam..
05/08/04 RocketDM Mod 3.28KB
(N/A) RocketDM Mod
16/09/05 Rome: Total Realism v6.0 289.69MB
(N/A) Seventeen fully playable factions Two hundred new..
05/07/07 Rome: Total War - All Factions Mod v1.5 1.16MB
(N/A) This is a mod that will unlock all factions for an..
04/07/07 Rome: Total War - City Mod v2.1 4.18MB
(N/A) Features: 1.0: -City sizes are restricted in most ..
04/07/07 Rome: Total War - Custom ...s Elves And Orcs Mod v1.5 22.06KB
(N/A) It allows not just the elves but also the orcs in ..
04/07/07 Rome: Total War - Dismounted Scythia Mod 258.17KB
(N/A) This mod, The Dismounted Scythia Mod, gives Scythi..
05/07/07 Rome: Total War - Europe 270BC v2.0 Mod 7.64MB
(N/A) An Extra Provincial Campaign.
04/07/07 Rome: Total War - Extreme Happiness Mod 7.82KB
(N/A) This gives an extreme happiness bonus to settlemen..
05/07/07 Rome: Total War - Greek Variations Mod 4.56MB
(N/A) Greek factions Officer, Centurion, Hoplites and mo..
05/07/07 Rome: Total War - Macedonian Cavalry Officer Mod 798.85KB
(N/A) This will ad an Officer to your Macedonian heavy c..
05/07/07 Rome: Total War - Multiple Temples Mod 9.63KB
(N/A) This mod adds 5 minor temples to most cultures. Th..
04/07/07 Rome: Total War - Neutralised Senate Mod 4.9MB
(N/A) The zip file contains a mod folder called my_mod w..
05/07/07 Rome: Total War - New Projectile Units v1.2 Mod 244.18KB
(N/A) This mod add's new Projectile Units.
04/07/07 Rome: Total War - Road Wa... and Good Roads For All M 940.74KB
(N/A) In this small alteration: all roman factions are ..
04/07/07 Rome: Total War - Rome Total Remix Mod 1.13MB
(N/A) make a copy of your imperial campaign and paste it..
04/07/07 Rome: Total War - Sicily Addon Mod v1.2 711.6KB
(N/A) This is noway near a total conversion mod, just an..
05/07/07 Rome: Total War - Strategic Mod 7.96KB
(N/A) This simple strategic mod recreatess the historic ..
04/07/07 Rome: Total War - Testudo...ll BI Legionary Units Mod 18.77KB
(N/A) This mod lets Comitatenses, British Legionaries, P..
04/07/07 Rome: Total War - The Fou...€“ Forth Eorlinga 172.18MB
(N/A) The Reunited Kingdom is surrounded by enemies, and..
03/07/07 Rome: Total War BareBones III v1.1 1.65MB
(N/A) BareBones installs only the WarMap map tga's and i..
03/07/07 Rome: Total War Invasio Barbarorvm Mod v7 323.41MB
(N/A) INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: 1. make sure you have a fres..
10/10/08 Sahrani Life 299.2MB
(N/A) Sahrani Life (or SL for short) is a custom map for..
10/10/08 Sahrani Life Maps 23.3MB
(N/A) Sahrani Life (or SL for short) is a custom map for..
07/06/04 Samurai Wars Dedicated Server for Linux 107.34MB
(N/A) Samurai Wars Dedicated Server for Linux
15/07/05 San Andreas gtaTournament v0.1b Mod 1.91MB
(N/A) - Synchro Cars, Players - Walking-Animations - V..
01/10/05 San Andreas gtaTournament v0.1c Mod Released 2.89MB
(N/A) - added Adminarea (accessable via client) - added ..
04/11/05 San Andreas gtaTournament v0.2 Mod 2.95MB
(N/A) - Adminarea (accessable via client) - health, weat..
24/12/05 San Andreas gtaTournament v0.3a Mod 3.09MB
(N/A) - New and much faster VCScripts (The scriptinglang..
07/01/06 San Andreas gtaTournament v0.3b Mod 3.16MB
(N/A) The third release marked as stable. The netcode wa..
19/01/06 San Andreas gtaTournament v0.3c Mod 4.82MB
(N/A) A bugfix release of the 0.3 series. Most known bug..
27/09/05 Sands of War 2 Beta 1 30.8MB
(N/A) Installing SoW is simple. All you have to do is ru..