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Date Name
25/06/07 Jedi Academy - Clan Mod v... Beta 2 Windows Installer 11.2MB
(N/A) Clan Mod is a Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy modifica..
25/06/07 Unreal Tournament 2004 - Legend of the Ormr Mod 78.4MB
(N/A) Legend of the Ormr is an Unreal Tournament 2004 to..
25/06/07 Half-Life - The Specialis...s Mod v3.0 Windows Client 155.15MB
(N/A) The Specialists (TS) is a modification for Valve's..
25/06/07 Half-Life - The Specialists Mod v3.0 Linux Client 163.43MB
(N/A) The Specialists (TS) is a modification for Valve's..
25/06/07 Half-Life 2 - Infiltration Mod v1.2 (German) 242.22MB
(N/A) Infiltration is a Half-Life 2 single-player modifi..
25/06/07 Half-Life 2 - Infiltration Mod v1.2 (English) 242.2MB
(N/A) Infiltration is a Half-Life 2 single-player modifi..
25/06/07 Half-Life 2 - The Way Mod v1.0 131.46MB
(N/A) The Way is a Half-Life 2 modification produced by ..
25/06/07 Half-Life 2 - Neoforts Mod v1.77 (EXE) 24.35MB
(N/A) Neoforts is a four team Capture the Flag modificat..
25/06/07 Neverwinter Nights 2 - Th...rside Chronicles Mod v1.1 86.04MB
(N/A) The Otherside Chronicles is a Neverwinter Nights 2..
25/06/07 Unreal Tournament 2004 - Cosmic Rapture Mod 32.34MB
(N/A) A fairly detailed contra-esque side-scroller shoot..
25/06/07 Half-Life 2 - Zombie Mast...r Mod v1.1.2 Linux Server 82.26MB
(N/A) Zombie Master is a multiplayer Half-Life 2 modific..
25/06/07 Half-Life 2 - Zombie Mast...Mod v1.1.2 Windows Client 53.61MB
(N/A) Zombie Master is a multiplayer Half-Life 2 modific..
25/06/07 Half-Life 2 - Jailbreak Mod v0.3.1 (EXE) 17.37MB
(N/A) Two teams, two jails. When you kill a member of th..
22/06/07 Unreal Tournament 2004 - ...Swarm: The Telic Campaign 240.11MB
(N/A) This .zip file contains the Alien Swarm installer,..
21/06/07 Unreal Tournament 2004 - SAS Mod 660.14MB
(N/A) This .zip contains version 3.1 and the patch for v..
20/06/07 Unreal Tournament 2004 - TO:Crossfire 1.7 Mod 884.61MB
(N/A) The .zip file has the client and the 1.7 patch upd..
18/06/07 Unreal Tournament 2004 - Red Orchestra V3.3 690.98MB
(N/A) Red Orchestra is the award winning state of the ar..
15/06/07 Unreal Tournament 2004 - MetaBall Mod 104.47MB
(N/A) You have been summoned by small creatures called T..
15/06/07 Unreal Tournament 2004 - Furious Steals Mod V1 51.03KB
(N/A) Do you remember the good old days when racing game..
15/06/07 Unreal Tournament 2004 - V-Power RC Mod 23.86MB
(N/A) The mod is a racing mod with litte cars much like ..
14/06/07 The Sims 2: Teens Homework Mod 4.36KB
(N/A) This Mod enables teenagers who live on their own t..
14/06/07 The Sims 2: Teens Can Adopt Mod 2.48KB
(N/A) With this Mod, teenagers may now adopt babies, tod..
14/06/07 The Sims 2: BloodBath Mod 39.59KB
(N/A) This is a replacement. It will change all batwathe..
14/06/07 The Sims 2: Grim Reaper Mod 518.56KB
(N/A) This Mod replaces the Scythe The Grim Reaper Norma..
11/06/07 Rocket Arena 3 v1.76 131.59MB
(N/A) Topshots accuracy ranking Many new cvars and cons..
10/06/07 Insects Infestation v1.1.0 to v1.1.1 Server Patch 23.58MB
(N/A) [Added] Log for server stats [Added] New skill lev..
10/06/07 Insects Infestation v1.1.0 to v1.1.1 Client Patch 15.1MB
(N/A) [Added] Log for server stats [Added] New skill lev..
08/06/07 The Sims 2: Terrain Mod 1.28MB
(N/A) This mod changes the appearance of all roads in yo..
08/06/07 The Sims 2: UI Mod 5.51MB
(N/A) Featuring a total of over *750+* tweaked, modified..
08/06/07 The Sims 2: Outdoor Lamps Mod 1.04KB
(N/A) This mod turn off outdoor lights only at dawn (7 a..
08/06/07 The Sims 2: No Aging During Party Mod 1.55KB
(N/A) Want to throw a birthday party, but tired of your ..
08/06/07 The Sims 2: Children Wants Mod 9.69KB
(N/A) This mod changes a few of the wants as follows: H..
08/06/07 The Sims 2: Animated Toddler Picture 58.58KB
(N/A) The toddler can learn 3 important skills in the bl..
07/06/07 Age Of Empires 3: Mod Pack 178.6MB
(N/A) Age Of Empires 3 Mod Pack is now available on loca..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - Weight Of Fire Mod V0.6b 4.66KB
(N/A) Adds "Weight of Fire" to all non-instant hit proje..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - Veteran Changes Mod 1.86KB
(N/A) gives units veterancy status earlier. T1 = every 5..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - TurtleKrieg Mod 1.88KB
(N/A) Basic mod that removes all units except engineers,..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - Transport Abuse Mod 1.99KB
(N/A) This re-enables firing from transports and shields..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - Strike Fighters Mod 4.68MB
(N/A) All air superiority fighters are capable of firing..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - Shield Size Slider Mod 3.15KB
(N/A) With this mod, you can set your shield's size with..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - Sam Mod 279.69KB
(N/A) This mod makes the SAM's more powerful. I've alway..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - Repair Pylons Mod 19.12KB
(N/A) Adds Tech 2 and 3 Repair Pylons to UEF. It repairs..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - Regeneration Mutator Mod 2.2KB
(N/A) Simple mutator to give all units in the game a sma..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - Quantum Gate Teleporter 10KB
(N/A) This is a mod that allows Quantum Gates to be used..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - No Pot Shots Mod 9.49KB
(N/A) This MOD Removes the T4 UEF Mavor, the T4 Cybran X..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - No Nukes Mod 22.71KB
(N/A) This MOD removes all T3 Strategic Launchers, all T..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - No Fabricators Mod 1.89KB
(N/A) This mod is quite simple: All fabricators and RAS ..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - No Build Restrictions Mod 1.44KB
(N/A) This mod removes the restrictions on what can be b..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - Naval Wreckage 4.17KB
(N/A) This mod alters all naval units - that is to say, ..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - MultiRole Interceptors 1.17MB
(N/A) This Mod Enables Tech1 Interceptors to attack sele..