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Date Name
29/03/04 Elemental Mod Alpha Release 2 245.97MB
(N/A) Elemental total conversion mod for Dungeon Siege, ..
06/07/04 Elemental Alpha Release 3 427.58MB
(N/A) Elemental Alpha Release 3
09/12/04 Elemental Alpha Final Version 477.91MB
(N/A) Elemental Alpha Final Version
23/09/08 eCoop 2.0 17.32MB
(N/A) - ported eCoop 1.1 to opencoop 2.0 feature functio..
18/03/06 Eclipse v1.02 Half-Life 2 Mod 254.61MB
(N/A) A third-person total conversion of Half-Life 2 tha..
05/07/05 Eclipse Half-Life 2 Total Conversion Mod 228.43MB
(N/A) Eclipse is a third-person total conversion of Val..
07/09/05 Earth Special Forces v1.2.3 184.82MB
(N/A) Earth's Special Forces, also known as ESF is a Hal..
02/08/04 Earth Special Forces v1.2.1 Patch 25.5MB
(N/A) Earth Special Forces v1.2.1 Patch
02/09/08 Earth Special Forces Open Beta v1.3 281.39MB
(N/A) --------------------------------------------------..
18/05/03 Earth Special Forces beta v1.1 108.46MB
(N/A) The very latest version of this half-life mod.
13/09/05 Earth 2160 SuperStorm v3.0 Mod Released 696.83KB
(N/A) Gamers, who have installed the mod, take profit fr..