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Date Name
04/07/07 Rome: Total War - Sicily Addon Mod v1.2 711.6KB
(N/A) This is noway near a total conversion mod, just an..
05/07/07 Rome: Total War - Strategic Mod 7.96KB
(N/A) This simple strategic mod recreatess the historic ..
04/07/07 Rome: Total War - Testudo...ll BI Legionary Units Mod 18.77KB
(N/A) This mod lets Comitatenses, British Legionaries, P..
04/07/07 Rome: Total War - The Fou...€“ Forth Eorlinga 172.18MB
(N/A) The Reunited Kingdom is surrounded by enemies, and..
03/07/07 Rome: Total War BareBones III v1.1 1.65MB
(N/A) BareBones installs only the WarMap map tga's and i..
03/07/07 Rome: Total War Invasio Barbarorvm Mod v7 323.41MB
(N/A) INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: 1. make sure you have a fres..