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Date Name
16/08/07 Star Wars: Empire At War ...targate Empire At War Mod 290.98MB
(N/A) The fight goes on,on your PC Experience the bigges..
01/08/07 SuperHeroes Arena v1.08 for Linux / Macintosh 12.23MB
(N/A) SuperHeroes Arena is a modification for the Quake ..
01/08/07 SuperHeroes Arena v1.08 for Windows 13.32MB
(N/A) SuperHeroes Arena is a modification for the Quake ..
25/06/07 Star Wars: Empire At War - Stargate Mod v0.7 Beta 271.29MB
(N/A) Choose your Empire at War\Gamedata directory, when..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - Weight Of Fire Mod V0.6b 4.66KB
(N/A) Adds "Weight of Fire" to all non-instant hit proje..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - Veteran Changes Mod 1.86KB
(N/A) gives units veterancy status earlier. T1 = every 5..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - TurtleKrieg Mod 1.88KB
(N/A) Basic mod that removes all units except engineers,..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - Transport Abuse Mod 1.99KB
(N/A) This re-enables firing from transports and shields..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - Strike Fighters Mod 4.68MB
(N/A) All air superiority fighters are capable of firing..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - Shield Size Slider Mod 3.15KB
(N/A) With this mod, you can set your shield's size with..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - Sam Mod 279.69KB
(N/A) This mod makes the SAM's more powerful. I've alway..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - Repair Pylons Mod 19.12KB
(N/A) Adds Tech 2 and 3 Repair Pylons to UEF. It repairs..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - Regeneration Mutator Mod 2.2KB
(N/A) Simple mutator to give all units in the game a sma..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - Quantum Gate Teleporter 10KB
(N/A) This is a mod that allows Quantum Gates to be used..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - No Pot Shots Mod 9.49KB
(N/A) This MOD Removes the T4 UEF Mavor, the T4 Cybran X..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - No Nukes Mod 22.71KB
(N/A) This MOD removes all T3 Strategic Launchers, all T..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - No Fabricators Mod 1.89KB
(N/A) This mod is quite simple: All fabricators and RAS ..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - No Build Restrictions Mod 1.44KB
(N/A) This mod removes the restrictions on what can be b..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - Naval Wreckage 4.17KB
(N/A) This mod alters all naval units - that is to say, ..
04/06/07 Supreme Commander - MultiRole Interceptors 1.17MB
(N/A) This Mod Enables Tech1 Interceptors to attack sele..
01/06/07 Supreme Commander - Monkey King Mod 4.36KB
(N/A) Enhanced Monkeylord: bigger is better! This one ha..
01/06/07 Supreme Commander - Limited Late Game Mod 4.36KB
(N/A) This mod removes the "super weapons" from the game..
01/06/07 Supreme Commander - Increased Unit Cap Mod 12.52KB
(N/A) Added more unit cap choices for skrimish, multi an..
01/06/07 Supreme Commander - Hero Mod 22.04KB
(N/A) Hero is a mod that aims to greatly expand the vete..
01/06/07 Supreme Commander - Giant Fatboy Mod 4.97KB
(N/A) Fatboy is 2.5 times bigger, main gun range and dam..
01/06/07 Supreme Commander - Free Upgrades Mod 4.31KB
(N/A) - All commander upgrades free of charge and insta..
01/06/07 Supreme Commander - Flying Engineers Mod 7.63KB
(N/A) This Mod Allows The Engineers To Fly Around, Makin..
01/06/07 Supreme Commander - Fast Veterans Mod 1.79KB
(N/A) Each unit gains veteran levels from 1 to 5 which p..
01/06/07 Supreme Commander - Exten...ed Tactical Missile Range 2.25KB
(N/A) This mod extends the range of the Tactical Missile..
01/06/07 Supreme Commander - Defence Energy Mod V0.2 2.05KB
(N/A) Castle-ing not as fun as you thought it was? Rando..
01/06/07 Supreme Commander - Commander Teching Mod 2.46KB
(N/A) To allow your factories to tech up, you will need ..
01/06/07 Supreme Commander - Storage Capacity Mod 1.67KB
(N/A) will set the storage capacity of each commander fo..
01/06/07 Supreme Commander - Cliff Hanger Mod 2.23KB
(N/A) Allows buildings to be built on rougher ground tha..
01/06/07 Supreme Commander - Campaign Rules Mod V2 210.38KB
(N/A) This is a simple file showing the directory struct..
31/05/07 Supreme Commander - Bounty Hunter Mod 3.47KB
(N/A) Bounty Hunter is a mod that forces players to kill..
31/05/07 Supreme Commander - Blitzkrieg Mod 2.46KB
(N/A) Blitzkrieg increases resource production by 6 time..
31/05/07 Supreme Commander - Big Bang Mod V1.0 1.5KB
(N/A) Makes the Commander death nuke area much larger wi..
31/05/07 Supreme Commander - AI Activation Mod Beta 1.82KB
(N/A) This small mod adds AI options to the multiplayer ..
31/05/07 Supreme Commander - Ace Death Nuke Mod 1.42KB
(N/A) Simply download the zip and extract it to your THQ..
31/05/07 Supreme Commander - 4th Dimension Mod 2.8MB
(N/A) WARNING: This version is ONLY compatible with the ..
31/05/07 Stalker - Blowout Mod V0.8 Beta! 9.5MB
(N/A) Before install: do not forget to make backups! (ju..
30/05/07 Stalker - Zombified Skins Mod 1.45MB
(N/A) Zombified Stalker Skins Mod V1.0: This mod adds ..
30/05/07 Stalker - UI Mod 3.32MB
(N/A) UI Mod: UImod lets you alter the userinterface of..
30/05/07 Stalker - SagerSTALK Mod V b2.2.3 26.81MB
(N/A) SagerSTALK Balance Mod Version b2.2.3: The purpos..
30/05/07 Stalker - Repair Mod V2.5 656.55KB
(N/A) Stalker Repair Mod v2.5: - all main traders can r..
30/05/07 Stalker - Realistic Weapons Mod 16.08MB
(N/A) Realistic Weapons All guns given real names. All..
30/05/07 Stalker - Realism Mod v 4.88MB
(N/A) Realism Mod - Artifacts more difficult t..
30/05/07 Stalker - Radio Mod 7.98KB
(N/A) This will change the radio so instead of repeating..
30/05/07 Stalker - Pitch Black Mod 356.75KB
(N/A) Stalker Pitch Black Mod (Version: 3): Changes in ..
30/05/07 Stalker - Minimal HUD Mod (Widescreen) 338.14KB
(N/A) Minimal HUD Mod v1.1 Widescreen This mod makes th..