Gun Loco Announced and GamesCom 2010 Trailer/Screens

Single and multiplayer gameplay in a sprint-action shooter format
Releasing these screenshots, Square Enix has announced that Gun Loco, a third-person shooter game currently in development for Xbox 360, will be available sometime in 2011. Set on a remote prison planet at the farthest reaches of the solar system, a collection of the system's craziest criminals are incarcerated in a prison with no walls and forgotten by society. In this long abandoned world, the only rule is anarchy as each faction fights in a bloodthirsty race for survival, power and ultimately escape. While pursuing and being pursued by their opponents, players must make use of the sprint-action play by running, jumping, ducking and vaulting, using the environments to their advantage. With a powerful arsenal of weapons at their disposal, each character comes complete with their own unique kill move, coupled with a mocking take-down taunt to ridicule their victims. A comic style comes into its own with full 12-player online multiplayer matches across the planet, with a range of game modes and multiplayer arenas. A trailer is now locally mirrored.