Arx Fatalis Xbox Screens

DreamCatcher has released a massive (63!) batch of new screenshots for Arx Fatalis, showcasing the upcoming Xbox version of this first-person RPG developed by Arkane Studios. The game is scheduled for November 2003.
Arx is the name of an underground urban environment where your special experience will begin, in the realm of medieval fantasy. Be prepared to penetrate a world where the sun has slowly retreated and completely vanished. A world taken over by an unfriendly and threatening atmosphere, imposing the exodus of Arx inhabitants to the obscure meanders of a dwarf mine in order to survive. There, they had to become acquainted with an unusual neighborhood, among goblins, trolls and ratmen... Features: * Arx Fatalis is the first real RPG combining an intriguing story, a deep environment, a high level of interactivity, all combined in a user-friendly interface. * Arx Fatalis offers a number of interactions with objects and NPCs, realistic action fights, a unique real-time spell casting system, character creation, dialogues, puzzles and exploration in an underground atmospheric world. * Explore real cities, underground lakes, natural caves, lava openings, lost civilizations, secret temples, crypts, city sewers, Goblin encampments, Dwarf forgeries and other mystical magic sites.