Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Released

Prologue delivers taste of Dead Rising 2 exclusively on Xbox LIVE
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, an action game that introduces players to the main protagonist, Chuck Greene, and gameplay features of Dead Rising 2, is available today exclusively on Xbox LIVE, Capcom announced. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is set two years after the Willamette incident chronicled in the original Dead Rising and three years before the action of Dead Rising 2. Chuck Greene's idyllic life was shattered during the Las Vegas zombie outbreak. His wife was killed and his young daughter, Katey, was bitten and infected. Now he has fled Vegas with Katey and must find more doses of Zombrex for her to ensure the zombification process does not become complete. He must also avoid military check points or else, given the strict quarantine regulations in force, risk losing his daughter.