ArcaniA: Gothic 4 Demo

Hone your skills, fight off demons and prepare for a bloody battle fueled by vengeance
JoWooD Entertainment has released a playable demo of ArcaniA: Gothic 4 giving you the chance to try out this RPG sequel scheduled to be available on October 12th 2010, for PC and Xbox 360 - the PS3 version is slated for the first half-year of 2011. Thanks: Developed by Spellbound Entertainment, ArcaniA: Gothic 4 is set about 12 years after the events shown in Gothic 3, and again invites the player to a fantastic journey through a war-torn world. The ancient, nameless hero, who by now has been crowned King Robar the Third, commands a rigorous regiment over Myrtana and the Southern Islands. Luckily, not all subordinates live in fear and submission to the King and a new hero emerges, with the intention to settle an old score. The demo comprises the first two hours of the game and shows the beginning tutorial level on Feshyr Island featuring selected quests.