V-Rally 3 Demo

Atari has released a playable demo for V-Rally 3, allowing you to try out this imminent racing simulation developed by Eden. This demo offers one track (Witchurch, England) and one car (Peugeot 206 2.0L). V-Rally 3 will be released tomorrow in UK. Thanks: BHMotorSports. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • V-Rally 3 Demo (63.4 MB)
  • Developed by Eden Games, the V Rally series set the benchmark for rally titles after the massive success of V Rally on PSone in 1997. V Rally 3, the latest installment in this incredibly successful franchise is now coming to PC with amazing new and improved features. V Rally 3 brings all the realistic burn-rubber rally fun into the comfort of your own home. PC gamers will now have the chance to play with new added gameplay features and graphical tweaks, which make V Rally 3 PC, stand out as the king of the rally genre. Featuring some of the best rally cars in the world, you'll burn across fantastic hand-made tracks through treacherous weather conditions and obstacles to gain the rally crown. In Career mode, V Rally 3 gives the player the chance to pick the car and team of their choice and race through some of the biggest competitions in rally sport. You can customise your car to suit you and each particular race, check your email in your office as well as sign deals with rival teams and race leaders to eventually rally your way to the top. "Eden Studios have consistently created year after year some outstanding Rally games and V-Rally 3 PC is no exception. Rally fans are going to love this ultra-realistic PC version, which is going to redefine again what rally driving should be." commented Cyril Voiron, Group Marketing Manager for Europe. FEATURES * Single races as well as the fantastic involving career mode * 48 tracks tracks from all over the world * 6 countries with extreme driving conditions (safari, snow, mud and tarmac) * 20 cars with 2 car categories 2.0L & 1.6L and 4 bonus cars to unlock * Official rally cars - Peugeot 206, Subaru Impreeza, Ford Focus etc SPECIAL PC FEATURES * Support for ultra-high resolutions * Improved car dynamics * Real-time Environmental mapping on cars * Improved FX (Weather, Sun, Flare, Smoke, Fog etc) * Scalable graphic features to keep a smoother frame rate on lower spec systems * Improved car models adapted to PC higher resolution * Specific support for PC devices (Wheels, Joypads, Keyboards etc)
    V-Rally 3 (63.41MB)