WhiteDay announced

4AM Entertainment today announced WhiteDay, an upcoming 3D horror survival game developed by Korean-based Sonnori. "A haunted school provides the realistic setting for White Day. You have to find your way out of this school without weapons fighting off ghosts and other enemies to save your favorite girl." WhiteDay is scheduled for release in UK on Friday 13th February 2004. Read the press release for screens & details.
FEAR FACTOR GOES THROUGH THE ROOF WITH WHITEDAY WHEN your girlfriend is seduced by a ghost, her classmate becomes an evil demon, the janitor takes on a mad axe murderer role and you're locked in the school late at night armed with just a box of chocolates; then you suddenly realise that fear knows no limits in 4am's latest game release. WhiteDay is a fear inducing horror survival game viewed, for the first time ever in this genre, completely from a first person perspective. Unfolding like a movie, the player takes control of a love-sick teenager entering into the local school late at night to return your dream girl's diary, which she lost earlier in the day and to drop off a token of your affection – WhiteDay* chocolates. Very shortly players are introduced to two of the central characters, talking about ghost stories, in one of the school's many haunted corridors. It isn't long before the first problem of disabling the school alarm system becomes a priority. During this challenge the game takes a very dark turn, as you witness the janitor club a man to death with a baseball bat, whilst the sounds of young and decidedly spooky children laugh on. The most keen survival horror games player will find some pleasant surprises within WhiteDay with some real shock scenes that will have normally calm players literally squealing in their seats and shaking like a cowardly wuss! The action is interspersed with graphically excellent cut scenes that allow the player to make decisions on the direction of the storyline, allowing the game to take one of two different directions. There are no weapons in WhiteDay, but many ingenious puzzles litter your way throughout the game, seeing the player disable alarm systems, open combination safes and rescuing trapped school kids from weird apparitions. The difficulty setting helps the player to get into the story whilst carefully providing a harder challenge at every turn. Taking the genre one step further, Sonnori have included a multiplayer feature giving a real time scare factor to the game as online players can pick to play from a host of horrors such as a ghost, devil, or janitor or - as per the single player mode - a hapless and unarmed school kid, to name a few. Neil Cotton, 4am's Communications Director, said: "WhiteDay is a breath of fresh air for the horror survival genre – particularly when zombie bashing starts to get a little tiresome. It is genuinely scary and I'm embarrassed to admit it; when I saw the hanging sequence in the game a cold chill ran down my spine, but when I unexpectedly saw the dead schoolgirl for the first time I literally jumped out of my skin!" Developed by Korean-based Sonnori, this unique and outstanding first person horror survival (for Windows computers) will be fully-translated for the UK market and published under license by 4am Entertainment – scheduled for release on Friday 13th February 2004. Key Features: * Multiplayer option – play as a ghost, demon, school kid or janitor * Full 3D play * Ingenious puzzles that get progressively harder * Movie storyline and cut scenes * First horror survival game played completely in full first person perspective * Genuinely scary * Movie quality soundtrack