SAW II: Flesh & Blood Ships and Launch Trailer

Based on Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures' SAW film franchise
Konami Digital Entertainment also announced that SAW II: Flesh & Blood is now available in North America in conjunction with SAW 3D, the seventh installment of the Saw film franchise, which hit theaters on October 29. Developed for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, SAW 2 invites players back into Jigsaw's twisted world, and promises all-new stomach-twisting traps and puzzles, more visceral combat, and an all-new storyline that takes place between the second and third movie. Developed by Zombie Studios, SAW 2 puts players in the shoes of Detective Tapp's estranged son Michael, who is trying to understand his father's death. Through a series of seemingly unconnected events, Michael finds himself facing the man responsible for his Father's demise: Jigsaw. As the game progresses, players will face mind-bending puzzles, as they navigate their way through Jigsaw's terrifying world, and defend themselves against his minions. A new trailer is now locally mirrored.