Farming Simulator 2011 Demo and v1.4 Patch

Tired of your cute cartoon farm? Get serious with the sequel to one of the best-selling sims of all time
Big Sims and Giant Software have released a playable demo for Farming Simulator 2011 which is now available in North America via Steam, priced $29.99. Starting with the option to breed livestock you have full responsibility for the care of your animals. Your success depends on your feeding regime and attention to your stock. This will allow you to earn money by selling off fresh milk to dairies and spraying your fields with organic fertiliser. You could of course decide crop farming is more for you and can grow a wide range of crops including barley, corn, rape and wheat which you can sell for a profit. Farming Simulator 2011 will be published by Excalibur Publishing in Europe on November 5th. A patch is available as well (thanks: The Patches Scrolls).