Bronze Released and Demo

New ancient historical strategy title available now
Shrapnel Games has announced the release of Bronze, a new Windows strategy title from Dreamspike Studios, a unique take on the conflicts of the Bronze Age. In Bronze players rule one of twelve historically accurate civilizations, from the Akkadians who forged the first empire in the Early Bronze Age, to the warlike miners of the Elamites in the Middle Bronze Age, to the diplomatic Mitanni in the Late Bronze Age. Each civilization is unique, with strengths and weaknesses based on what is known about these civilizations today. As such, players will find that each civilization requires its own strategy to win. In Bronze the object of each scenario is to acquire the most land. This is done by the construction of Farms, Ziggurats, Armies, and more. Each civilization has access to a different set of buildings and acquires them at different prices. As an example, Sumerian Armies are quite expensive while Gutians gain their Armies for free. A playable demo is now locally mirrored.
Bronze Demo (88.08MB)