Karaoke Revolution Glee Trailer #2

First-look at gameplay and show content (0:48)
Konami Digital Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products have released a new trailer for Karaoke Revolution Glee, a game that features the chart-topping music and captivating performances from one of the most talked about shows of the year. In Karaoke Revolution Glee, fans can play alongside their favorite GLEE characters including the infamous Rachel Berry, football star Finn Hudson, and the GLEE club's fearless leader, Will Schuester. Performing some of the most memorable sequences from Season One, players can belt out 35 chart-topping hits and tunes from the popular TV series. As an added bonus, unlockable content will be available in a special gameplay mode where gamers can unlock memorable show moments from Season One. Karaoke Revolution Glee will also utilise Karaoke Revolution's proprietary voice recognition technology, which accurately recognises and scores vocal pitch and rhythm, helping gamers reach those hard hitting notes and perfect their harmonies. Karaoke Revolution Glee will launch on November 9th, 2010, exclusively for Wii.