Get Fit With Mel B Release Date and PS3 Move Trailer

Workout and nutritional program made in collaboration with Mel B and Fitness First
Black Bean has announced that Get Fit With Mel B, a new game developed by Lightning Fish and based on an exclusive proprietary engine that features a full body detection system, is scheduled will be available on November 26th, 2010 for PlayStation Move for PS3, Kinect for Xbox 360 and Wii. Mel B, the former Spice Girls member as well as the Official 2010 Fitness First testimonial, is the host of the Oxygen Media second season of hit dance/weight-loss competition series "Dance Your Ass Off". In “Get Fit With Mel B”, she will bring you directly into the action, delivering her real-time advices and feedback on several disciplines like dance fit, cardio, step, pump and tone and kickboxing. Furthermore, the game delivers a personal nutritional program (6 meals plans and 140 recipes) totally aligned to your fitness workout. Get Fit With Mel B also supports a wide range of fitness accessories such as the fitball, the step and the resistance band. A new trailer is now available.