LEGO Universe New World Builder League Zones Unlocked and Trailers/Screens

Three new zones created by fan group the World Build League
LEGO Group today announced that the "World Build League" a talented group of LEGO fans turned co-developers, delivered three new zones to LEGO Universe, a new MMOG developed by NetDevil and now available at stores across North America and online in addition to LEGO sales channels. To check out the World Build League zones, players should first visit Starbase 3001, located just past the Brick Annex in Nimbus Station, near the entrance to Pet Cove. In Starbase 3001, you can snag some new models and meet futuristic robots, before hopping on the launch pad and flying to your World Builder League destination of choice: DeepFreeze, MoonBase or Portabello. Press 'read more' for details - thirteen new screenshots and three more videos have been added in our download section.