Us And Them: Heroes Bonanza Released and Demo

Free for all users of the CD or Direct Download version of the game
Icehole games today announced the release of Heroes Bonanza, the first expansion pack for their Cold War strategy game Us And Them. Us And Them allows you to take control of CIA or KGB during the pick of Cold War and try to repeat or change history. The game uses a unique gameplay system that allows you to use hidden units like Spies, Assassins, Politicians, Scientists, Financial experts etc, in order to attack the enemy countries and by changing their government attach them in your own political ideology. You can also take advantage of famous strategies like the "Domino Effect" and the "Communist sandwich". Your Agents can also benefit from the research of advanced technologies, using gadgets right out of James Bond's laboratories and some famous equipment of real life spies. A playable demo is now locally mirrored.