Gray Matter Demo

Jane Jensen's latest adventure game gets a playable sample
A playable demo of Gray Matter is now available, giving you the chance to try out the first adventure game by renowned author Jane Jensen since the release of Gabriel Knight 3. Neurobiologist Dr. David Styles is one of the game's central characters: since losing his wife in a horrible accident some several years ago, he has become a recluse, seldom leaving Dread Hill House, his English country estate. When student and part-time street performer Samantha Everett shows up at his doorstep, she unexpectedly becomes his assistant. Hailing from America, she has been travelling through most of Europe the last couple years. Her first task: finding six test subjects at Oxford University for one of Styles' experiments. The experiment starts off innocently enough, but then inexplicable incidents start mounting. And Styles is visited by his dear departed wife. Now it's up to Sam and Dr. Styles to solve the mysteries of Dread Hill House. Developed PC and Xbox 360, Gray Matter will arrive in the UK on February 11, 2011, courtesy of Lace Mamba Global.
Gray Matter Demo (1.61GB)