Chaser v1.50 Patch

JoWooD and Cauldron have issued another patch for the retail version of Chaser, bringing this FPS to v1.50. This release adds Multi Player Map Rotation, fixes some sound problem & various crashes, adds some new commands for dedicated server, and more (read full story for details). Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Chaser v1.50 Patch (English) (10.4 MB)
  • Chaser v1.50 Patch (German) (10.1 MB)
  • Changelist v1.50: * Multi Player Map Rotation added * Changed/added commands for dedicated server: AddMap "Mapname.cew" - adds a map to the map rotation list which will be played Set "NumGames" x - The number of times to play a map after which to load the next map in the list of maps * Added text [TEAM] and [ALL] in front of Multi Player messages * Added the Multi Player and Dedicated Server command: "ping_check" - This command defines the maximum ping for players to be able to play. If a player has a higher ping than the specified ping_check value he will be automatically kicked out of the game. * Corrected the problem with crashing of the dedicated server on some maps (Forest Camp, Old Harbor) * Corrected the wrong behavior of the server when player had name "exit" * Corrected the sound problem of not playing the steps of players on fast networks * Corrected the possibility to play different version of maps * Corrected the possibility to cheat with own predefined materials * Added the possibility to kick player by number (Use command kick_list to display list of players with numbers for each name) * Added the Multi Player console command: "voice_messages" on/off - Option to turn voice messages from other players on or off * Corrected problems with Japanese subtitles

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