Inkub Released Screens #2

Twelve new screens
Already available for iPhone and iPad, Inkub has been launched today for Wii, Cosmonaut Games announced. The objective of the game is to defend an incubator containing a growing specimen. To do this, you will be provided with different weapons and powers that will help you destroy, pause, or block these enemies. These threats will try to enter the incubator through the Plasma tubes that connect it with the life-giving energy that makes them grow. Each of the enemies will have special features (speed, resistance, range) and, likewise, the weapons and blockers will have other features (damage, range, speed...). A total of 8 different weapons will be available, all of them upgradeable, which you will obtain as you advance through the 40 rounds that make up the game. New screenshots have been inserted in our gallery.

Inkub on Wii
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