Shipping: One Must Fall Battlegrounds - Demo next week

Diversions Entertainment announced that their action fighting game, One Must Fall: Battlegrounds, is shipping out to retailers today. The game should be available at EB Games and GameStop stores during the Christmas holidays (Ship dates for other countries will be announced soon). A playable demo is also expected to be available around December 19, just in time for the Christmas holidays.
Battlegrounds is the pioneer on-line, 3D, multiplayer fighting game. OMF:BG represents a serious change in the philosophy of making fighting games. Instead of 2 players facing off in a small space, Battlegrounds features up to sixteen simultaneous players in huge arenas, fighting in team battles or all-out brawls! Our goal is to free you, the player, from the restrictions of the past, and allow you to fight the way you've always wanted to. Just like your favourite martial-arts movies, you can go toe-to-toe with several opponents, use nearby objects as weapons, and integrate terrain and hazards into your fighting strategy. But... We've missed an important detail: you get to do all this while piloting a huge robot. Sometimes it's hard finding somewhere to park the thing, but overall it's worth it for the insane weapons systems and top-secret technology. There's nothing quite like opening a miniature black hole to consume your opponents, or shooting out a stream of napalm the width of a 4-lane highway. You pilot your 'bot using a neural link, so you don't need to worry about an airbag going off in your face everytime a punch or kick slips past your defences. And best of all, you aren't liable for any dents and scrapes - after all, your sponsors are paying you to test their technology. Even if you get completely trashed, they'll replace your 'bot for the next match. Could it get any better? Features: * Unique 3rd person point of view * Extensive multiplayer mode supported via LAN and internet * Interchangeable cast of pilots and robots * First-rate 3D graphics and amazing physics * Fully moddable engine with AVI recording capabilities * A dynamic soundtrack, accompanied by fast paced action