Stacking Screens #2

Third-person adventure puzzle game delivers storytelling and puzzle-solving challenges in a visually lush setting
Our gallery has been updated with fifteen more screenshots from Stacking, a third-person adventure puzzle game developed by Double Fine Productions and due to launch in Spring 2011, for PS3 and Xbox 360 (thanks: Adventure's Planet). In Stacking, a family of Russian stacking dolls has been separated by tough economic times. The youngest doll, Charlie Blackmore, begins a heroic effort to bring his family back together. But hes one size smaller than any other doll in the world. Game players will help Charlie, who is all too accustomed to being overlooked and dismissed too small to be of any real consequence discover that his size can be his greatest strength. The adventure of Stacking requires players to capture and stack dolls together, then use each doll's unique abilities to solve the game's challenges. As more puzzles are solved, new dolls are acquired and the game's visually story unfolds.