EA SPORTS PGA TOUR Golf Challenge Screens #2

A fresh batch of screenshots
Electronic Arts has released a new set of screenshots for EA SPORTS PGA TOUR Golf Challenge, a casual golf game created exclusively for Facebook. Developed at EA SPORTS Tiburon, EA SPORTS PGA TOUR Golf Challenge allows participants to play rounds of golf to earn experience and level up through their career while also unlocking world famous golf courses. Daily challenges will allow players to compete against their Facebook friends, with weekly champions crowned as players vie for golf supremacy on Facebook. Tailored to a casual gaming audience, the game features accessible, easy to master game play mechanics, including one-click swing, easy aiming with a mouse or keyboard, an assortment of custom clubs, and a variety of shot types. At launch, EA SPORTS PGA TOUR Golf Challenge will offer a series of gameplay modes and additional opportunities to customize and accelerate a player's career that can be purchased via micro-transactions.