X2 The Threat v1.1 Patch

Encore and Egosoft have released the first patch for X2: The Threat, bringing their space simulation game to v1.1. This release makes several improvements and fixes various crashes and bugs (read full story for details). Please note that only registered users can download this update (we are not allowed to mirror it). Thanks: Blue's.
Patch 1.1 Feature list: IMPROVEMENTS OVER 1.0: Improved multi monitor support: Graphic cards with more than one monitor connected can open special resolutions which are two or three screens wide. These modes now show all menus on one monitor and allow configuring a second or third monitor to be used either for a wide angle view or for minimonitors. Such modes include 1+1 (secondary screen shows a "large" minimonitor), 1+4 (secondary screen has four minimonitors), 1+1+1, 1+1+4 To get access to mulitmonitor modes you can use a dual or tripple head graphic cards or turn on the "horizontal span" in the NVidia NView tool. Added support for EAX (activate at startup) Re-adjusted fighting AI: Ships fighting in remote sectors Added slider to input settings for Joystick sensitivity Improved quality of audio streaming Improved loading speed of new sectors Added technical details screen about ships when buying a new ship from a yard (open with "i" or "u") Added various tips to help unexperienced players during the plot missions BUGFIX: FIXED: Support for some joysticks did not work. FIXED: Crash in sectors with a distant laser tower (E.g Ore Belt) FIXED: Memory Leak when leaving cockpit view could cause slow down of the game and huge savegames FIXED: Possible hang of game in sectors with more than 40 free floating ware containers FIXED: Possible hang of game cause by NPC trading. MINOR FIXES OR IMPROVEMENTS: FIXED: Wrong percentage display for fight ranking in player menu. FIXED: Command Console for Fighter Drones. Launching from docking platform should work better when using Joystick with throttle control. Mouse hold feature deactivated for higher rotation speeds Improved trading scripts for NPCs FIXED: Under certain circumstances a second ship could not be controlled in a minimonitor. Hit counters are now correctly increased for wide area and lightning weapons Subtitles are now synchronous with speech. FIXED: Some few NPC powerplants did not produce energy. Changed behaviour of fights in non active sectors (sectors where the player is not currently in) Changed price variations for many products slightly. Changed the default configuration of S/M/L variations of ships sold in yards. FIXED: Infomenu for astronaut called from property menu was incorrect. FIXED: Racecondition in rare situation when entering a sector caused corrupted sector ships. Changed behaviour of monitor activation. Now F4 does not turn off a running command automatically. To get manual control of such a ship you will now have to press "u" to turn off the command first. FIXED: Incorrect handling of installed upgrades when taking over a ship. FIXED: Sometimes the sector music was played incorrectly. Changed: Building a station is now also possible from a TL ship freight menu. Added an additional message before ejecting from a ship and before quitting the game. IMPORTANT NOTES: The first time you load an old 1.0 savegame with 1.1 the savegame will have to be converted. This can take several minutes. This is only a one time effect. Save again and the loading time will be normal again. There are several versions of patch 1.1 . To download it from our website you have to register using the online registration key of your product. This will make sure you always get the right version of the patch.